Outstanding material logistics and handling technology – premium quality for the steel tube and non-ferrous metals industry, as well as galvanizing plants

Material logistics, crane and handling technology constitute the most important interfaces in a production plant. They are the key elements in the retention of long-term, production cycle stability and facilitate smooth processing in its truest sense.

At INGENIA, we plan the entire, partially- or fully-automated material logistics and handling technology for installation in galvanizing plants with closed process sequences for bulk goods and small parts, as well as for special plants and already operative production facilities of every type.

One-Stop-Shopping Galvanizing Plants

As a general contractor, we complete galvanizing plants in line with individual demands, the very latest stipulations and the state of the art with the result that every project constitutes an original. We seek to further the success our national and international customers by means of competence, prudence and diligence and provide them with long-term support.

INGENIA was founded in 2001, however its reservoir of experience dates back to the early 1990s. In 2011, INGENIA occupied its current premises in the “Südpark” near Linz in Upper Austria and since February 2017, the company has been a member of the ASMAG Group.

INGENIA can be found here.



The reason why INGENIA is currently a leading specialist in the field of galvanising, zinc coating and special plants is simply explained; its people. They all come from a diversity of complementary specialist areas and with their commitment and enthusiasm, contribute to the realisation of customer wishes and the attainment of objectives. It is this team that makes INGENIA very Special.




From the outset, INGENIA has represented a name for premium quality, material logistics, crane and handling technology, as well as the very latest automation in galvanizing and special plants. This is the result of its repeated questioning of the status quo, which adds up to progressive thinking.

Quite simply, through its ambitious ideas and in-depth knowledge INGENIA wishes to make a decisive contribution to the further development and progress of modern galvanizing and special plants.

“Top quality material, product and service standards in everything that we do”

is not only the company’s maxim, but also something approaching a statement of belief. This claim to quality is mirrored by the INGENIA team, which thinks with the mindset of the customers, researches their needs and requirements, and then extrapolates the bases and guidelines for development work. This approach not only leads to individual success, because its essence strengthens the branch as a whole through the creation and maintenance of its sustainability and competitiveness. INGENIA employs its cost-effective and ecologically clean solutions to carefully change and update ossified structures and during this process always adheres to all relevant legal compliances, which frequently differ from country to country. 

INGENIA has a nose for trends and a proactive focus on sensitive future topics, which for example commence with energy and resource efficiency and continue beyond the optimisation of production and logistical sequences

INGENIA’s values form the foundations of its corporate culture and business success. Equally, they provide the pattern for the company’s corporate behaviour and hence its conduct towards customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues. Moreover, apart from first class quality, work and services, these values also govern day-to-day relationships within the Company.
Maximum diligence is employed during planning, completion and subsequent support, as well as in the selection of materials and components, in order to ensure the creation of reliable and cost-efficient complete plants, production and logistics systems.
The company’s technology centre is used for in-house development and testing. In addition INGENIA works closely with external, specialist research companies.
Every order and hence every plant is different. The key to success lies in the best possible interplay of the individual interfaces, production processes and modular logistics concepts.
Partnerships that are intended to last for many years require mutual trust, reliability and honesty. INGENIA also calls this authenticity.





A new era begins for material logistics and handling technology, as well as the construction of galvanizing and special plants.

                                  ENgineering and
                                  Automation GmbH

The name derives from the Latin adjective
        „INGENIOSUS“ -  which means gifted, clever and ingenious,
        and the noun
        „INGENIUM“ - that designates a natural disposition for talented inventions 
        and ideas and the solution of tasks.

Rudolf Geiersberger’s vision is to establish innovative emphases and benchmarks in the material logistics and handling technology, crane, galvanizing and special plant building fields by means of his own specialist company.

Innumerable successfully designed and implemented projects in both Austria and other countries, posts in the executive management of various leading companies in the plant building segment and last, but not least, over thirty years of experience in material logistics, crane and handling technology, all serve to underpin this desire for progress. 

Today INGENIA is a respected provider of the very latest material logistics, crane and handling technology, not to mention turnkey galvanizing and special plants with a focus on automated logistical and production sequences, and optimized, in-company material flows.

During all the years of INGENIA’s development and enlargement, a sense of originality is never lost. This is possible due to the company’s in-house technology centre, an individual product family and the untiring efforts of the company’s specialists at its locations in Linz and Moscow. Factors that all play a role in providing INGENIA with premium class status.

Entry to the ASMAG Group on 1 February also means the expansion of the company’s market segment coverage and the fact that in future this know-how can flow into the steel tube and non-ferrous industries.

“ASMAG takes over INGENIA” – on 1 February, ASMAG purchases INGENIA and Andrea Möslinger joins Rudolf Geiersberger in a consolidation of the company’s executive management.

“ASMAG – a powerful partner” – the ASMAG Group from Scharnstein in Upper Austria and INGENIA begin technical cooperation.

“Mitas Turkey” – one of the world’s most modern, fully automated and efficient hot dip galvanizing plants, which represents the state of the art and has a 12.5m boiler, goes into operation in Ankara/Turkey.

– INGENIA’s 25th plant becomes operative in Orenburg/Russia on the border with Kazakhstan.

„Go East“ – Rudolf Geiersberger founds a branch in Moscow for greater customer proximity and abbreviated processing routes.

„Turnkey galvanising shops“ – INGENIA expands its portfolio to include supplementary hall engineering and becomes a general planner.

„Opening“ – In the Linz Südpark industrial estate

The new location of the INGENIA HEADQUARTERS with its ASSEMBLY and EXPERIMENTAL PLANT is opened in Linz Austria on 20th May 2011 with a sparkling show under the motto “ART, BODY SHAPES, DYNAMICS”

„Change of location“
– INGENIA moves to the Südpark Linz industrial estate.

In only nine months, a 1,500m² technology centre for development, quality control and assembly is built on a 10,000m²-site. Administration and engineering are housed in 1,000m² of puristic architecture.

„Groundbreaking“ – a technology centre and an administrative building are to be built in the Südpark Linz (Upper Austria).

„General contractor“ – INGENIA offers complete machinery parks for hot dip galvanising plants.
„Eastern expansion“ – Rudolf Geiersberger founds a second branch in Vienna.

„Progress“ – Move to a larger office in the St. Florian Technology Centre (Upper Austria)

July 2001
INGENIA GmbH is founded!
The MBO negotiations are concluded and Rudolf Geiersberger founds INGENIA, taking the developments of the past nine years with him into the new company. The quality demands made on R. STAHL standard components for the equipping of plants with mechanical components become ever stricter. INGENIA develops these elements further, thus raising them to a higher technical Level.

Spring 2001
„Turning point“ – R. STAHL CraneSystems GmbH withdraws its support from the flourishing plant building sector and leaves Austria. Management buy-out negotiations commence between the group management in Stuttgart and Rudolf Geiersberger regarding the special plant for hot dip galvanising shops segment. Rudolf Geiersberger leaves R. STAHL and secures the unrestricted use of company developments and patents. 

„Successful balance“ – 31 plants go into operation across Europe using innovations from R. STAHL Austria.

„Internationalisation“ – the first automated hot dip galvanising plant with closed process cycles goes into operation in Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria) using components supplied by R. STAHL Austria. R. STAHL Austria under Rudolf Geiersberger also succeeds in entering international territory. A new era begins. 

– Rudolf Geiersberger makes a major contribution to the development of fully automated transport technology for encapsulated (closed) and environment-friendly hot dip galvanising plants. The related plant building know-how and developments attain an international standard. 

„Achievement“ – Rudolf Geiersberger assumes the management of the Austrian subsidiary of R. STAHL Fördertechnik GmbH. He turns the company, which is located in Steyregg near Linz, into the Stuttgart-based mother group’s most successful subsidiary. Its core business areas consist of cranes, bridge cranes and transport technology. Initial contacts are established with the hot dip galvanising branch. 

„Development“ – Rudolf Geiersberger gains experience in the areas of crane, crane construction lifting gear and transport technology at the renowned OTIS Company.

„Roots“ – Georg Geiersberger, Rudolf Geiersberger’s grandfather, founds a hammer forge for forestry tools in Opponitz an der Ybbs under the brand „GEIER“. He thus lays the foundation stone for a family company that enjoys success over Generations.




Rudolf Geiersberger: “Sustainability in the sense of environmental protection is anchored in our corporate philosophy. The INGENIA headquarters is located in an industrial park, but borders on a residential area and to some extent a naturally verdant and clean leisure area. This provides us with a daily reminder to take care of nature. Therefore, we do everything possible to set an example with regard to environmental and resource conservation and keep our green footprint to a minimum.” 

Environmental protection and business economics are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, INGENIA plant concepts not only ensure extremely efficient energy use, but also undercut the European directives for waste and smoke gases (TA-Air, IPPC and Directive 2010/75/EU).

For example, INGENIA has a targeted focus on waste gas cleaning and heat recovery, as well as energy management for the optimum regulation of complete plant systems. As a result, together with its customers, the company protects both the environment and employee health, while also cutting costs. 

Smoke gas filters for zinc furnaces and waste gas scrubbers in the pre-treatment area ensure environment-friendly production facilities and thus clean working conditions. 

Via a heat exchanger, the waste heat from the zinc coating furnace is employed to heat the pre-treatment tanks. 

A master computer system controls and regulates the energy consumption of all electricity consumers. Unnecessary and expensive consumption peaks are thus avoided.

INGENIA’s concepts naturally also function within its “own four walls”. In the technology centre and the engineering and office building modern, efficient and well thought-out air conditioning and heating systems ensure maximum energy efficiency and ideal working conditions for the company’s valuable staff. 

A tightly knit network of pipelines runs over the ceilings of the working areas. This heating and fresh air system is operated with an economic water-water heat pump and regulates a performance-friendly atmosphere as a type of humidifier, as well as providing pleasant air quality both in summer and in winter. Moreover, the water for the heat pump is taken from the company’s own groundwater well. 

This is home to the internal facilities used by INGENIA’s engineers for the time-intensive testing of prototypes and by the company’s fitters for the assembly of components. Automatically controlled concrete core activation (underfloor heating) provides warmth during the day in winter and once again contributes to optimum working conditions for company personnel.

In this regard, we also ensure that our suppliers conform to our values, as exemplified by the Mittermüller printing company, which has been serving us since mid-2015.



INGENIAns wanted

We are committed to innovation and to our customers.

To meet this demand, we are looking for people who share our passion for new, innovative solutions that inspire our customers.

At the moment we are expanding our team by

Plant Fitter / Installation Manager / Supervisor and

mechanical Senior Construction Engineer

We are looking forward to your application!

Please send documents electronically to office@ingenia.at




“We make every effort to ensure that during the construction of our special plants, both Austrian and EU ecological standards are adhered to, even in areas where environmental protection is not regarded with such stringency. We thereby contribute to environmental protection as a general contractor on a cross-border basis.” Ing. Rudolf Geiersberger 

Numerous certificates document that fact that INGENIA more than meets these standards:

Products produced in or exported to Russia are subject to compulsory standardisation and must be checked and certificated. This process is very similar to the mandatory CE declaration of conformity in the European Union. Gost-R is one such standard and the related Gost-R certificate is an obligatory part of export documentation. Further information at www.gostrzertifikat.com.
This is a licence for the use in Russia of machinery and plant with a special danger potential. 
INGENIA supplies plant that corresponds with the CSA (Canada) and UL (U.S.A.) Standards.
With the CE marking, in accordance with the EU regulation 765/2008 the manufacturer attests that,“ its product meets the valid requirements, as established in the harmonised standards as established by the Community.”


Every year INGENIA invests between 3 and 5 per cent of its sales revenues in the further development of components for zinc coating plants, automation technology and logistics systems. The company itself designs and manufactures key hot dip galvanizing and special plant components, thus guaranteeing top quality and the corresponding material certainty.

Technology Centre

Technology Centre

Since 2011, assembly, quality controls and development work have been housed in the company’s 1,400m² technology centre at the Südpark Linz. The centre completes test runs of prototypes and systems, which in a preliminary phase supply all the information required subsequently for an optimum production sequence and thus a practical overview. This ensures maximum efficiency and an exceptional degree of investment security. 

Another aspect of the technology centre’s activities with regard to investment relates to the training of specialist customer employees on the equipment supplied. This is part of INGENIA’s 360° services portfolio, as well as an aspect of the company’s general contractor philosophy.

The technology centre also completes a range of other important assignments that include service as a showroom where potential customers can convince themselves of the merits of INGENIA technology at first hand. In addition, components tested at the centre are also assembled prior to delivery and in general terms, the in-company technology centre forms a solid basis for complex international projects.



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Galvanizing formations worldwide

Galvanizing formations worldwide

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