Ingenia Services

Ingenia Services

  • Maintenance & testing
  • Retrofitting / modernisation
  • Spare parts
  • Installation & installation monitoring
  • 24h hotline
  • Remote maintenance (online)
  • Production Support
  • Process technology Training

Rapid service and thorough maintenance
INGENIA provides professional support throughout the entire life cycle of customer plants. Individual service and maintenance packages in identical quality are available worldwide. This is made possible by remote maintenance via the internet and offers clients advantages that include extremely short reaction times, irrespective of plant location and size.

24-7 remote maintenance
INGENIA can guide, monitor and control every line sequence from its headquarters. In concrete terms, if required this involves logging into the system via the internet, which allows the solution of possible problems within minutes and the reduction of unproductive and expensive standstills.

Comprehensive training and 360° production support
Training for the equipment supplied can take place prior to the start-up of the galvanising line using INGENIA’s in-company Assembly & Experimental Plant testing facility. This results in complete competence and optimum manpower from the word go.

Support throughout the entire galvanising process
Of particular value for customers using this technology for the first time is the fact that upon request INGENIA assumes plant organisation with regard to matters such as optimised material loading and removal, and the complete chemical process.

Retrofitting for the future
In the meantime, plant upgrading can prove less expensive than a new galvanising plant owing to the fact that existing resources can be employed with greater efficiency. However, this presupposes cooperation with a partner possessing sufficient retrofitting competence and in such situations, an ability to respond to individual customer requirements.

Improved efficiency
The new INGENIA high-performance lifting gear reduces downtimes and repair costs.

Improved process safety
Safety is enhanced through the implementation of IMES operating data management and fully visualised sequences.

Improvements for people and the Environment
INGENIA retrofits facilitate the problem-free fulfilment of all current safety and environmental Standards.

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